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Author: BCC


Following the 20th March 2020 declaration of State of Disaster by His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, the President of the Republic of Malawi, Blantyre City Council has put in place deliberate measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the City to complement pronouncement.

So far the Council has placed the water buckets mixed with chlorine in all strategic points in all the 34 Markets within the City with the belief that all markets users will make good use of the facilities.

We are also appealing to all owners of butcheries, food stalls, hawkers in these markets to support these initiatives by making a provision of hand washing utensils for use by their customers.

We would like to urge all of us to do our part by joining the Council fight this pandemic. Let us make a resolve to do the right thing during this time when we are under the threat of contracting this life threatening virus. In so doing, we will together overcome this problem.

Fellow residents, in support of the measures outlined by our State President in his address to the nation, the Council would like to put emphasis on a number of hygienic steps the residents of the City have to take to protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Some of the immediate actions are as follows:

Owners of every building such as worshiping houses, shops, offices, should make a provision of water bucket and hand washing soap displayed at strategic places so that everyone can access to wash their hands before entering such buildings.

Similarly, such hand washing facilities should be provided by organizers for all public gatherings such as funerals, weddings among others.

All public transport operators and users should cooperate with law enforcement agents in observing the sitting capacities so that social space is adhered to at all times.

Furthermore, the Council is making a special appeal to those that are vending on the streets to seriously consider relocating to the designated markets where the Council and other stakeholders have intensified measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Let us avoid large gatherings as much as possible and recommended social distance must be observed at all times.

The Council is appealing to all individual and corporate partners within and outside the City to come forward with any support that will make these measures a success.

Blantyre City Council has declared a month long “Make Your Environment Coronavirus Free Campaign” to ensure that every resident is taking lead in abiding by the measures that have been put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Council will intensify inspection of all business premises, offices, shops, all residential areas and other public premises to make sure that all these initiatives are being followed.

For those that will not comply, the Council shall use all available pieces of legislation to make sure that the set hygiene standards are complied with and residents are protected.

In conclusion, the Council would like to make an appeal to all residents to utilise the toll free line (526) for any inquiries. If there will be need for other measures to be implemented, further information will be provided.

This is the time for all residents of Blantyre City to join hands and protect the health of everyone. Zero Coronavirus cases can be possible if we unite in the implementation of preventive measures.

BCC Communication Strategy

Organisations all over the world acknowledge and value the role of communication as a tool for achieving and sustaining strategic goals and objectives. Therefore, an effective communication strategy should be at the core of a strategic management function for effective and efficient service delivery for any organisations. This effective communication is critical and essential for City Councils to build and maintain a positive and vibrant identity amongst its various stakeholders as it helps to communicate and raise awareness of the City Council’s services and projects. Furthermore, an effective communication strategy helps City Councils to maintain a healthy internal information flows among its staff. This type of communication, in its very nature, should be a two-way activity to promote better community and stakeholder participation and engagement.


Realising the importance of a two-way effective communication and also in response to the enactment of the Access to Information (ATI) Act (2017), the Blantyre City Council (BCC) embarked on the development of the Communication Strategy to be the guiding principle of all Council communication work, both internally and externally. Ideally, this Five Year (2018 to 2023) Communication Strategy concretises the aspirations of the BCC Strategic Plan pillars of good governance and community engagement.

Public notice on illegal developments in the City

Blantyre City Council has noted with dismay illegal developments mushrooming in the City. Some of these illegal developments are hanging of banners, installation of signposts and bill boards, excavating trenches to install cables and other facilities, rearing of livestock, fixing advertising materials on walls, trees and poles and playing loud music to advertise goods, services and for any other purposes.

Public notice on paying services

Blantyre City Council offers a number of services at a reasonable fee. This is one of the revenue collecting avenues for the Council.


Parliamentary committee on Local Authorities visits BCC

The Parliamentary Committee on Local Authorities and Rural Development has pledged support to local councils to review the Local Government Act and lobby for more funding.

The committee made the pledge during their visit to Blantyre City Council on March 11, 2020 to appreciate the processes of City rates collection and if targets are met, waste management and pollution control.

Hon. Horace Chipuwa: Committee Chairperson

“We are here to appreciate what the Council is doing in the areas of city rates collection, waste management and management of the sewerage system,” said Honourable Horace Chipuwa, committee chairperson.

Hon. Mkusa Nkhoma: Committee member

Dr Alfred Chanza, BCC Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the visiting Members of Parliament saying the visit offered the council an opportunity to share experiences and challenges of managing a commercial City.

Dr Alfred Chanza: BCC Chief Executive Officer

During the meeting, the Council made presentations on City rates and other locally generated funding avenues, Liquid waste management with focus on the state of the sewer system in the City and solid waste management with special interest in the management of Mzedi Dump Site.

The parliamentarians toured Mzedi Dump Site where they were briefed about the waste to energy project which Gebis Energy Limited is expected to implement.

BCC is the only Council in Malawi that has a laboratory at Soche Waste Water Treatment Plant where among other things trade affluent tests are conducted and the MPs had the chance to appreciate the facility.


Council rehabilitates recreational parks

Blantyre City Council has embarked on rehabilitation of recreational parks in the City. The parks that are being rehabilitated are Rangerly, Aloe’s Garden, Jubliee and Namwili. “Open spaces are very important as they provide good platform for residents to take time off their busy schedules to relax. We all need to recreate and open spaces are good for that,” says Ackley Kananji, Director of Leisure, Culture and Environmental Services.

Namwiri Park where students are already using for their studies

Aloe’s Garden has become a relaxing site for young people

Part of Aloe’s Garden


Ban of the sale of fresh maize in the City

Blantyre City Council has received several complaints of robbery in maize fields in the City and surrounding areas. The malpractice is attributed to the availability of a market for green maize in the City.

City rates galore

Inviting residents with outstanding city rates to take advantage of the month long promotion to settle their bills


Blantyre City Council (BCC) budgeted funds for the Procurement of Non-Consultancy Services for the provision of security services in Blantyre City under Procurement Reference Number: