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Council embarks on K150m street lighting project

Blantyre City Council has engaged the services of electrical contractors to rehabilitate street lights on a number of sites to enhance security in the City.


The project costing the Council approximately K150 million, targets Kandodo corner shop roundabout through Mbayani to Kameza roundabout, Kwacha roundabout to Kudya, CI to Manyowe and CI to Green Corner.

“Since the other contractors have not started work, we may not disclose their names. But at an appropriate time, you will be advised,” said Director of Engineering Services Grant Sichali.

Sichali said work has already started on Kandodo Cornershop to Kameza via Mbayani and Chirimba road and that the contractors on the other sites would commence rehabilitation works soon.

He said: “The project execution duration is three months so we expect by end March to complete all the earmarked sites. The project is funded by government through the Roads Authority. This is part of the developmental funds which we received from government.”

“The significance of this project cannot overemphasised. Street lights enhance security apart from adding beauty,” he said.

Under the developmental funds, the Council will also upgrade a number of roads in the City.

“The Council is appealing to residents and members of the public to guard these facilities jealously. The City has lost substantial money through vandalism of facilities such as street lights and it is our appeal that the beautiful lights we are fixing will be protected,” said Sichali.