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Administrative Services


Lytton Nkata: Director of Administrative Services

Directorate of Administrative Services


GENERAL ADMINISTRATION headed by Robert Grevulo

Services offered

Granting various permissions such as big walks, weddings and video shooting

Providing administrative support to all departments and sections of the Council

COMMITTEE SERVICES headed by Lunzana Khanga

Services offered

Servicing of Committees and Council meeting

Servicing of Council members

Coordinating the implementation of Council resolutions

Taking and drafting of Council minutes

PUBLIC RELATIONS headed by Anthony Kasunda

Services offered

Handling of media queries

Handling of public complaints

Providing information to the public


Services offered

AUDIT headed by  (Vacant)

Services offered

The Section executes an approved Audit Plan and offers the following services in accordance to its strategy

Investigating reported fraud, theft and waste of Council resources

Evaluating the adequacy of the Council system of internal controls

Recommending improvements in internal controls

Assessing compliance with state laws and contractual obligations

Verifying the existence of Council assets and recommending proper safeguards and protection

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY headed by Windros Dulanya

Services offered

SECURITY headed by Vincent Banda

Services offered

PRINTING headed by  (Vacant)

Services offered

TRANSPORT headed by Arnock Kabwatika

Services offered

INSURANCE headed by (Vacant)

Services offered