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Recreation, Arts and Culture

Ackley Kananji: Director of Recreation, Arts and Cultural Services

Directorate of Recreation, Arts and Cultural Services


Section Head: Lallior Nankhupe

  1. Landscape design and installation in public places and private areas such as residential and business area
  2. Maintain beautiful landscape along main roads and open spaces such as road reserves, roundabout gardens and
  3. Engage and coordinate Private Sector in managing gardens under partnerships and other strategic sites
  4. Train staff in Landscape Designing.


Section Head: Teresa Makawa Phiri

  1. Propagation of ornamental plants through;
    • Cuttings
    • Seeds
    • Grafting/Budding
    • Air layering
  2. Wreath production with fresh flowers
  3. Mounting of fresh flower decoration in different occasions such as graduation, social gatherings
  4. Christmas decoration around the City


Section Head: Hannah Ganunga

  1. Propagation of both indigenous and ornamental tree species
  2. Offer competent professional tree surgery services i.e. pruning and tree felling in public places and private either residential or business area such as markets, along the road, open spaces, homes, offices, etc.
  3. Coordinate afforestation programs implemented under or in partnership with Blantyre City
  4. Conduct tree assessment to offer professional advice prior payment for tree pruning/felling permit authorization
  5. Develop forest management plan for the Council


Section Head: Jacob Banda

  1. Develop and maintain the landscape materials of Amusement Parks within the City


Section Head: Cidrick Kasinja

  1. Assessment of Environmental pollution and recommendation of mitigation measures
    • Undertake pollution monitoring and enforce compliance by the industries
    • Undertake industrial inventory for all industries in the city
    • Maintain environmental audits for all development projects in the city
  2. Environmental Communication
    • Develop and disseminate IEC Messages
    • Undertake clean-up campaign
    • Implement Health Week and Clean Premises Competition
  3. Management of Disaster Risks
    • Develop Disaster Risk Management (DRM) capacity
    • Manage the Disaster Cycle
  4. Provide Effective environmental management services
    • Control development projects by Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
    • Control brick laying and mining activities in the city