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Education and Sports

Directorate of Education


Evelyn Mjima: District Education Manager

Directorate of Education and Sports


  • Inspectorate and advisory
  • Teaching
  • Production and supply of teaching and learning resources
  • Capacity building


  • Mother groups, School Management Committees and Parents Teachers Associations are trained twice per year;
  • 10 note books are supplied per learner (Standard 5-8);
  • Four notebooks are supplied per learner (Standard 1-4);
  • One text book per learner per subject is supplied;
  • One teacher attends to 80 regular learners, and that one teacher attends to 15 pupils of special needs;
  • One classroom accommodates 80 learners;
  • Every school is visited by a PEA (Primary Education Advisor) at least once per month;
  • Every school is inspected at least once per academic year