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Council hosts Hannover City interns

Blantyre City Council was privileged to host two students on internship from its twin City, Hannover City, of Germany from September to December.

Wiebke Witthuhn

As part of Sister City relationship, Blantyre and Hannover have been exchanging ideas through placement of staff on internship and exchange visits.

The two who completed their tour of Blantyre City in December were Wiebke Witthuhn and Lea Becker, students from Leibniz University and Tu Berlin Technical University respectively in Hannover City.

Witthuhn and Becker were doing their internship in the Council’s department of Culture, Leisure and Environment

“It was very welcoming and we met a lot of people and made a lot of friends in a very short period of time. The people took time for us and they were open to our concerns or questions,” said Witthuhn.

She said she was leaving a happy person because of the reception she enjoyed from the warm hearted and friendly people of Blantyre and the smiling workmates at the Council.

Blantyre City Council wishes the two students all the best in their studies.