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National IDs registration continues

Continuous registration of Malawians for National IDs started on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at Blantyre District Registration Office (DRO) /NRB office situated at Christian Service Centre (CSC) House, behind Mount Soche Hotel.

All Malawians who have reached 16 years and those who remained during the mass registration campaign should come to register.

Registration for NIDs is free but for replacement of expired, lost, damaged or stolen ID card, Government of Malawi will announce the fee to be paid by applicants.

All ministries, departments, agencies, sectors, partners, stakeholders, traditional leaders, Members of Parliament, Councillors, block leaders and other community leaders etc are notified that continuous registration  for NIDs is a Government of Malawi programme/service and that they are requested to inform their clients, constituents and/or subjects of the availability of such a programme/ service in Blantyre.

For one to qualify for NID, they have to meet the same requirements that were used in the mass registration campaign as proof of citizenship. Malawians of foreign origin will have their particulars vetted by immigration headquarters before considered for registration for NID.

This service is for bonafide Malawians only. If foreigners register dubiously, please inform the authorities such as Immigration Department, Police, NRB office, DRO or community leaders etc.

For enquiries in Blantyre, contact 01 827 420 during working hours.

Kwa iwo amene sanalembetse kuti alandire chiphanso cha unzika, apite ku ma office a Blantyre District Registration Office (DRO) /NRB amene ali ku Christian Service Centre (CSC) House, kuseli kwa Mount Soche Hotel. Ntchitoyi ikukhudza amene akwanitsa zaka 16 komanso amene sanalembetse nawo nthawi yomwe bungweli linali pa kampeni yolemba anthu ambiri. Lembetsani lero kuti mukhale ndi chiphanso cha unzika.