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Cllr Chipwete retains Finance Committee chairmanship

Soche West Ward Councillor George Chipwete has been re-elected Finance Committee chairman while Councillor Stanley Kamphambali Banda of Mzedi Ward was elected chairman for Human Resources Committee.


Kamphambali Banda replaced Peter Kajiya of Michiru Ward and he is deputized by Namiyango Ward Councillor Raphael Mzimu.

Chipwete has won the hearts of his fellow councilors because of his deep understanding of financial issues.

He has ably guided the Council on financial matters for the past one year while Kamphambali Banda will guide the Council on human resources issues for the next one year.

Immediately after elections, the two committees received reports from the Director of Financial Services Michael Kasamba (Finance Committee) and Acting Director of Administrative Services who is also Human Resources Manager Alfred Nyengo (Human Resources Committee).