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Council bids farewell to Polytechnic interns

Blantyre City Council on Friday bade farewell to two journalism students from Polytechnic, Angella Phiri and Esnath Samson, who were on internship for the past seven months.

Phiri and Samson were attached to the public relations office.

The two, in their remarks, expressed gratitude for the knowledge and experience acquired from the Council during the stay.

“We would also like to thank Blantyre City Council for extending our internship period,” said Phiri. “At first we were supposed to be here for three months but when we requested for an extension you considered us, we do not take it for granted, thank you.”

“Now it has been seven months since we joined the council and now that it is time for us to go back to school, we are leaving with both tears and smiles. We have tears because it is really sad that we are departing from you wonderful people and smiles because the friendships we have made with everyone here will be a memory and treasure of our stay,” she said.

She added; “As we go back to school, we will take with us all that we have learnt here and it is our hope that [after graduating] we find full time employment with a competent institution like Blantyre City Council.”

Blantyre City Council is wishing the two, Angella Phiri and Esnath Samson, the best of luck in their studies and thereafter.