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Health and Social Services

  • Refuse is collected twice a week from every household;
  • Time table for refuse collection from each residential area is set and communicated to the community;
  • Refuse is collected daily in public places; e.g: markets, hospitals, rest houses and hotels;
  • Streets are cleaned daily
  • Septic tanks are emptied within six hours of reporting;
  • Graves are prepared within 5 hours of reporting upon payment of the appropriate fee;
  • Meat is inspected from all butcheries on daily basis before selling;
  • Commercial food handlers are medically examined every six months;
  • Infected areas are sprayed with pesticides within 12 hours of reporting;
  • Businesses are licensed within Fourteen (14) days of application;
  • CBOs, Nursery Schools are registered within Fourteen (14) days of application.