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Mayor and his deputy tour Wards

Mayor Noel Chalamanda and his deputy Wild Ndipo have embarked on tour of Wards in Blantyre City as one way of interacting with residents and appreciating the challenges they are facing.
“We are all leaders and for all of us to make Blantyre a better place to live, we need to work together and share ideas,” said Chalamanda.
“As our Motto states that, ‘taking the City back to the people’, we want our residents to own the City,” he said.
On his part, Ndipo said; “Residents are given a chance to voice out different problems that the ward is facing, possible solutions to the problems and share the success stories of the ward.”
Chalamanda has promised the residents that the Council will look into the challenges and possible actions will be taken.
The Mayor and his deputy have already toured to the following Wards; Green Corner, Chigumula, Blantyre South, Nkolokoti and Namiyango