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Mayor launches Clean Premises Competition

Mayor Councillor Wild Ndipo on Monday, 10 July 2017 launched Clean Premises Competition to run for three months.

Mayor leading the way in sweeping at Limbe Produce Market

The competition is aimed at promoting healthy living in the City as residents are encouraged to keep both domestic and business premises clean at all times.

“Just as Health Week, the Clean Premises Competition will cut across the citizenry; homes, business premises, workplaces and public places where the cleanest premises will be rewarded,” Ndipo told the gathering at Limbe Produce market.

Below are the details for the competition and contact persons:



The following shall be the categories of participants in the Competition:

  1. Homes
  • High Density Areas
    • Formal Settlements
    • Informal Settlements
  • Medium Density Areas
  • Low Density Areas
  1. Manufacturing Industries

 Hospitality Industries

  • Public Hospitality Industries
  • Private Hospitality Industries
  1. Health Facilities
  • Public Health Facilities
  • Private Health Facilities
  1. Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Schools Levels (Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)
  1. Bars and bottle stores
  • In high density areas
  • In medium density areas
  • In low density areas
  • In Central Business Districts (CBDs)
  1. Restaurants
  • In high density areas
  • In medium density areas
  • In low density areas
  • In Central Business Districts (CBDs)
  1. Shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail shops
  1. Banks (individual banks)
  2. Service Centres (individual service centres – filling stations)
  3. Office premises (office blocks)


  1. Certificates of recognition
  2. Medals, souvenirs and working implements
  3. Trophies
  4. Prizes in monetary terms for some categories


Depending on the gravity of the offence, the following sanctions shall be imposed (throughout competition) on those not complying with the relevant by-laws and existing legal instruments:

  1. Enforcement notices and warnings
  2. Naming and shaming
  3. Closure of premises
  4. Demolition of dilapidated/illegal structures
  5. Prosecution


There shall be two teams to monitor physical progress based on the assessment criteria



An assessment Team shall be composed of inclusive relevant experts within the City of Blantyre



The following shall be the factors to be used in the assessment process:

  • Condition of fence
  • Conditions of driveway
  • State of flowers and shrubs
  • State of concrete floors
  • Availability and use refuse bins
  • Painting and decoration of walls and roofs.
  • Availability of sanitary facilities: bins, refuse pit, toilets and bathrooms
  • Cleanliness of sanitary facilities
  • Availability of drainage system


The press briefings shall be held at two intervals (August and September) to update the media and the residents. Apart from the press briefings, the competition will be publicized through the Council’s Website, social media, posters, jingles, banners, criers and road shows.


Three months: from July 10 (date of launch) to 9 October 2017.


All residents (corporate and individual) are automatic participants in the Competition.


The following officers shall be available for support, clarification and/or general inquiries:

  1. Public Relations Manager (Mr Anthony Kasunda): 0999952457/0888852457
  2. Deputy Director of Health & Social Services (Mr Samden Seunda): 0888872605
  3. Assistant Director of Leisure, Culture and Environmental Services (Mr William Chimzinga): 0999034713
  4. Director of Administrative Services (Mr Lytton Nkata): 0999551511