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Anti Vandalism Campaign

The act of vandalism of public property amongst residents of Blantyre is one of the setbacks the City Council is facing. The sewer system pipes, traffic, street and flood lights that once worked so well are no longer the same. The vandals have left the famous Masauko Chipembere Highway in darknessis.

The M1Road from Kandodo Corner Shop to Kameza round about as well as the road from Clock Tower via Magalasi to Chileka Airport, the Kenyatta Road from Kamba to Limbe and all the way to Chigumula had street lights. But all of them are now gone. When they are replaced by the City Council, vandals immediately get rid of them for selfish reasons.

Mudi and Nasolo rivers now produce very bad smell due to the vandalised sewer pipes. People have vandalized the whole system; pipes have been stolen by some greedy residents.

But all these practices have hit back the City Council which instead of coming up with new projects end up doing the same things over and over again. Now Blantyre City is facing a lot of challenges because some residents do not have that responsibility of taking care of their own City. The Council has a responsibility to provide public services.

As repeatedly said, the public property in the City does not belong to the Council; it is for the people of Blantyre. It is unfortunate that few greedy residents are abusing the rights of the law abiding Blantyre residents. Think of those who once used Mudi and Nasolo rivers as water sources; where are they going to fetch water now that the rivers have been heavily polluted?

What about motorists and pedestrians who rely on traffic lights when using the road? Well if every Blantyre resident was responsible enough in thinking about the consequences vandalism of public property brings to the City and development of the nation, Blantyre could have been a better place where road accidents caused by traffic lights failure could not exist.

By buying the vandalized property, residents of Blantyre promote the act of vandalism. If the vandals could not have a readily available market, definitely they could not continue with this unbecoming behaviour.

The cost of replacing the vandalised facilities is a huge burden on the Council. This means the Council is losing a lot of money due to an act of one or a group of greedy minds who think their selfish desires are more important than that of the whole population in the City.

The City needs functioning street lights, flood lights, a good sewer system and other better infrastructure for a better Blantyre where people are to live, do business and prosper.

Let residents remember that there is power in unity and that if residents and the Council join hands in stoping vandalism, the City’s lost glory of the could easily be restored.

The Council supports the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi, Malawi Telecommunications Limited and Blantyre Water Board Anti Vandalism Campaign.

Say No To Vandalism! Take Action Now!