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Rab joins city beautification initiative

It’s a done deal. Rab Processors Limited has partnered Blantyre City Council in the city beautification initiative by adopting the Independence Arch and its gardens.

Dr Chanza shakes hands with Sunka after signing the agreement

On Monday (April 11, 2016), the company signed an agreement with the Council marking the beginning of the partnership which will see Rab taking care of the Independence Arch and its surrounding.

Signing on behalf of the Council, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Alfred Chanza said togetherness is the only way of recreating the City

“We desire to have a beautiful city, as such partnerships such as this one, are encouraged in order to make our city beautiful,” said Chanza.

Deputy Managing Director for Rab Group of Companies Ahmed Sunka appreciated the work that the Council was doing in transforming Blantyre City.

“Truth should be told, BCC is doing a remarkable job in taking care of the Blantyre City and supporting this work is the only way of appreciating the job well done,” said Sunka.

The Council understands and appreciates the legal instruments that protect monumental structures such as the Independence Arch and its responsibility in the preservation of Malawi’s heritage and in particular those found in Blantyre City.

This is why the agreement with Rab Processors Limited has a clause that stipulates what the company is expected to do on the site and it reads:

“With guidance from the Department of Antiquities and in consultation with the Council’s Director of Engineering Services, rehabilitating the Independence Arch. This will be limited to acid washing of the Arch, painting the underside, replacing the flagpoles and the Spears. The emblem will be provided by the Department of Antiquities.”

Remember to always Keep Blantyre Clean and Green.