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Blantyre City to have modern minibus terminals

Blantyre City Council has signed a public private partnership pact with Web Tribe to construct modern minibus terminals in the City.

Dignitaries to the signing ceremony

The terminals to wear a new face are Mibawa, Limbe, Chilobwe opposite Blantyre market and Blantyre Bus Stands.

Under the 10 year Build, Operate and Transfer agreement, the company will also rehabilitate the existing structures at Limbe Bus depot, Limbe market car park and Blantyre market car park.

The Council is also introducing an automated revenue management system that will see the traffic wardens use point of sale devices for the collection of parking fees in the City. The project is expected to commence on November 8, 2020.

Mayor hands over face masks to vulnerable learners

His Worship Councillor Wild Ndipo has appealed to well-wishers to continue donating face masks towards the Donate a Mask Campaign which the Blantyre City Council is running.

The Mayor was speaking at Limbe Primary School on Friday (25 September 2020) when he handed over 10,000 face masks to vulnerable leaners in all the six educational zones in the City.

“The Council is aware that in the implementation of Covid-19 measures as Gazetted by the Government, some households may find observing these measures to be economically challenging,” said Ndipo. “It is heart-breaking that there are families in our city faced with the difficult choice to either buy a face mask for everyone, or to buy food.”

So far, the campaign has received support of face masks from Jacaranda School for Orphans (1,000), Pacific Limited (5,000) Universal Trading (5,000 masks and five thermo-scanners), National Bank of Malawi (1,000) and Blantyre Sports Club golfers (750).

Mayor mobilises face masks for the less privileged

His Worship Councillor Wild Ndipo, Mayor of Blantyre City is running a campaign to mobilise face masks for the less privileged residents especially learners in public schools.

Faisal Aboo of Pacific Limited makes his donation to the Mayor

The Donate a Mask Campaign followed the Malawi Government Gazette of 7th August 2020, which instituted new Covid-19 precautionary measures which among other things made wearing of face masks mandatory.

Ndipo receives masks from Universal Trading officials

“My office is aware that in the implementation of Covid-19 measures as Gazetted by the Government, some households may find observing these measures to be economically challenging,” said Ndipo.

“It is heart-breaking that there are families in our city faced with the difficult choice to either buy a face mask for everyone, or to buy food,” added the Mayor.

The campaign is targeting to raise at least 15, 000 face masks and so far four companies and organisations have donated.

Mandala of NBM presents masks to His Worship

Jacaranda School for Orphans was the first to donate 1, 000 reusable face masks followed by Pacific Limited (5, 000), then Universal Trading which donated 5, 000 surgical face masks and five thermos scanners while National Bank of Malawi donated 1, 000 pieces.


Following the 20th March 2020 declaration of State of Disaster by His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, the President of the Republic of Malawi, Blantyre City Council has put in place deliberate measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the City to complement pronouncement.

So far the Council has placed the water buckets mixed with chlorine in all strategic points in all the 34 Markets within the City with the belief that all markets users will make good use of the facilities.

We are also appealing to all owners of butcheries, food stalls, hawkers in these markets to support these initiatives by making a provision of hand washing utensils for use by their customers.

We would like to urge all of us to do our part by joining the Council fight this pandemic. Let us make a resolve to do the right thing during this time when we are under the threat of contracting this life threatening virus. In so doing, we will together overcome this problem.

Fellow residents, in support of the measures outlined by our State President in his address to the nation, the Council would like to put emphasis on a number of hygienic steps the residents of the City have to take to protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Some of the immediate actions are as follows:

Owners of every building such as worshiping houses, shops, offices, should make a provision of water bucket and hand washing soap displayed at strategic places so that everyone can access to wash their hands before entering such buildings.

Similarly, such hand washing facilities should be provided by organizers for all public gatherings such as funerals, weddings among others.

All public transport operators and users should cooperate with law enforcement agents in observing the sitting capacities so that social space is adhered to at all times.

Furthermore, the Council is making a special appeal to those that are vending on the streets to seriously consider relocating to the designated markets where the Council and other stakeholders have intensified measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Let us avoid large gatherings as much as possible and recommended social distance must be observed at all times.

The Council is appealing to all individual and corporate partners within and outside the City to come forward with any support that will make these measures a success.

Blantyre City Council has declared a month long “Make Your Environment Coronavirus Free Campaign” to ensure that every resident is taking lead in abiding by the measures that have been put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Council will intensify inspection of all business premises, offices, shops, all residential areas and other public premises to make sure that all these initiatives are being followed.

For those that will not comply, the Council shall use all available pieces of legislation to make sure that the set hygiene standards are complied with and residents are protected.

In conclusion, the Council would like to make an appeal to all residents to utilise the toll free line (526) for any inquiries. If there will be need for other measures to be implemented, further information will be provided.

This is the time for all residents of Blantyre City to join hands and protect the health of everyone. Zero Coronavirus cases can be possible if we unite in the implementation of preventive measures.

Quelimane Mayor visits Blantyre City

Quelimane Municipality Mayor Professor Manuel Araujo led a delegation of business persons from Zambezia Business Association on a four day official visit to Blantyre City in an effort to strengthen the Sister City relationship that exists between the two great cities.

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