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City residents celebrates entry into 2017 with fireworks

This is how it was on New Year Eve!!! Blantyre City Council in partnership with Rab Processors Group and Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) organized Big Night Fireworks: Family Extravaganza Night event which took place at Independence Arch on December 31.

Fireworks that mesmerised me

The extravaganza was planned to bring families together, count down to 2017 and experience cracking of fireworks. Mayor Noel Chalamanda said as per the Council’s motto “Taking the City back to the people” the extravaganza portrayed that Blantyre City residents adore the City and “we have witnessed a lot of families coming here to watch the fireworks together.”

Thousands of Blantyre City residents and people from outside gathered at the Independence Arch to celebrate the entry into the New Year.

As the time clocked 00:00am, huge explosion was heard signaling the cracking of fireworks which lasted for about 20 minutes.

Mayor Chalamanda being interviewed live on MBC TV during the event

There was jubilation, hugging and shouting among the patrons as the man charged with the responsibility of cracking fireworks did his job.

Blantyre City Council Chief Executive Officer Dr Alfred Chanza has declared that fireworks on new year’s eve will now be an annual event.