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Council inaugurates fire fighting courses

Blantyre City Deputy Mayor Wild Ndipo on Monday opened the first fire fighting course at Civic Centre.

The Council has lined up a number of three-day first aid and fire fighting courses targeting officers from both the public and private sectors.



According to Ndipo, the idea to conduct the training course was ignited in response to rapid industrial growth resulting in “exposure to different occupation health and safety risks.”

Said Ndipo: “As you are all aware, fire like water is a good servant but a bad master and once out of control, it is the worst enemy. Fire can destroy life, homes and businesses rendering life miserable”

“It is this horrendous knowledge which led Blantyre City Council Fire Service to initiate this programme of teaching stakeholders first aid and fire fighting techniques so that you are able to look after your institutions properly and that should there be any eventualities you use knowledge and skills gained here,” he said.

At least 20 officers from Blantyre and other areas are participating in the course.