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Council in Mayor’s Festive Shoesday Tuesday Initiative

Blantyre City Council has partnered with eventsPlus to mobilise privileged schools students in the city to donate at least a pair of shoes to less privileged pupils in what is called Mayor’s Festive Shoesday Tuesday Initiative.


Under this initiative, the Council has made a humble appeal to a number of schools in the City to collect pairs of shoes and other materials from pupils which the Mayor can donate to less privileged pupils during the festive season.

The objectives of the initiatives are to cultivate a spirit of sharing with the less privileged in our children at an early age, to establish our own charity solutions within our communities instead of solely relying on outsiders and to cheer up less fortunate residents of City during this festive season among others.

“The main item being focused on is shoes after realizing that many pupils within the City of Blantyre go to school barefooted,” said Anthony Kasunda, BCC Public Relations Manager.

“A second hand pair that some children last wore six months ago or no longer fit them, can boost a needy child’s confidence and positively impact on class performance,” he said.

So far, Southend Schools, Nyasa Junior Academy have already presented their donations to the Mayor Noel Chalamanda. Central High schools, Kalibu Academy and Hillview school have already collected from pupils and are waiting for the Mayor to receive.