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All 23 councillors have embarked on clean up initiative in their respective wards as part of the Keep Blantyre City Clean and Green campaign.


The cleaning initiative will be done in such a way that the Councillors will take a lead in the removing of garbage that has been accumulating in various locations and sites in their wards.

One of the Councillors, Mngelezi Chinthuli of Mbayani Ward, said there was need to support the Keep Blantyre Clean and Green campaign because only health people can contribute to the development of the City.

Said Chinthuli; “I for one fully support this campaign because I believe in a clean city and on top of that I want the people I serve to be health.”

He said there was no any opportune time than now to clean the city when the rain season is about to start.

“The only way to avoid water borne diseases such as cholera is by keep our city clean. It is always a pity when we experience cholera outbreaks in the city. In fact, it should be laughable,” he said.

“This is the rainy season and there are a lot of outbreaks of cholera so I want the people of my ward to be clean and hygiene to avoid this outbreak, Mbayani should be one of the clean and hygiene location in the city of Blantyre,” said Chinthuli.