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Mayor Chalamanda shares experience

On path to success, dedication to work remains unparalleled…Chalamanda

He is the new face of local Government.  Although Mayor, Noel Chalamanda has only been in office for a year, he has revolutionized the way people interface with Local Councils and the delivery of public services in Malawi’s Metropolitan  City of Blantyre.  The City’s Council has been given a shot of efficiency served with a people-focus approach. The man behind it recently shared his secret with me, PATRICIA MTUNGILA, as I wore the cap of freelancer.

“I am just a person who was born and raised in Blantyre and who understands what Blantyre was  is and could be if we all played our part…”

 Chalamanda says that the secret behind Blantyre’s apt transformation is “Nothing magical”.

With Zambian Prsident

“I respond to people’s queries through different media especially social media, listen to suggestions, take time to meet a lot of people in my office regardless of their age or status in society, listen and discuss issues,” he says.

Despite, this mammoth shift in style of public service delivery, there are no grunts. The people of Blantyre completely adore Mayor Chalamanda for his ability to innovatively deliver on his promise to serve Blantyre residents by bringing about tangible change to the streets of Blantyre in so little time.

The success of the Blantyre City Mayor, like any other lasting success, has by no means come by means of rubbing a Ginny.

“On path to success, dedication to work remains unparalleled. Action is more appreciated than eloquence. We must try in all circumstances to do that which we have been tasked to do and if we can be innovative, even better,” he says.

Crowning it all Noel Chalamanda, who has made a name for himself in private practice as a lawyer, has an unmatched fashion sense and will not be spotted looking anything but flawless.

“I also took it from my mother, who would say then, ‘why are you dressed like a christmas tree?’ when the colors were really not properly matching! It is good manners to dress well!”