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Roads upgrading projects on course

The upgrading of some roads to asphalt surface launched in February this year is expected to be completed within the expected period.

Chirimba, Magalasi road under construction-Image by CHIPO CHIMWAZA

It is expected that the construction works on the six roads—Off Mugabe Highway to Mpingwe (2.08 km), Angelogoveya to Manje (4.160 km), Living Waters to Zion (2.045 km), Chilomoni Ring Road (3.570 km) and Chimseu to Magalasi (0.936 km), Landrover Chilimba to Level crossing in Magalasi (1.247 km) roads—will last 180 days.

Director of Engineering Services Grant Sichali expressed this optimism during a site meeting at one of the projects.

“There is good progress on the construction and they are expected to meet the construction time,” said Sichali.

“Currently, we are half way down the construction period but the work on the ground shows that they are going to meet the deadline,” he said.

In fact, Sichali said the Chinseu to Magalasi road is at an advanced stage that the contractor is set to beat the deadline.

“So far, there are no major challenges being faced in the construction works,” he said.

Government through Roads Authority provided K1.8 billion to the council for development and apart from the six roads, part of the money has been used to rehabilitate street lights.

Council observes World Earth Day

Blantyre City Council joins the rest of the world in commemorating World Earth Day which falls on 22nd of April which this year is being observed the theme Trees for earth.

Protecting earth: Forest near Town Hall, Civic Centre-Image by MERCY SINGANO

The aim of the day is to bring attention to environmental issues to spark changes that will result in a healthy, sustainable environment. This includes addressing climate change and finding ways to protect the planet for future generations.

BCC through the Keep Blantyre Clean and Green Initiative is promoting the planting of trees in order to save our communities from the dangers of climate change and also taking part in saving the world too.

The world is currently losing 15 billion trees each year due to deforestation, land developments and bad forest management among others as such the earth needs more trees to be replanted.

BCC supports Trees for Earth plan to plant 7.8 billion trees by 50th Earth Day in 2020. That is one tree for every person on the planet.

The pictures show the Council leading by example by maintaining a green environment at Civic Centre.

Rab joins city beautification initiative

It’s a done deal. Rab Processors Limited has partnered Blantyre City Council in the city beautification initiative by adopting the Independence Arch and its gardens.

Dr Chanza shakes hands with Sunka after signing the agreement

On Monday (April 11, 2016), the company signed an agreement with the Council marking the beginning of the partnership which will see Rab taking care of the Independence Arch and its surrounding.

Signing on behalf of the Council, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Alfred Chanza said togetherness is the only way of recreating the City

“We desire to have a beautiful city, as such partnerships such as this one, are encouraged in order to make our city beautiful,” said Chanza.

Deputy Managing Director for Rab Group of Companies Ahmed Sunka appreciated the work that the Council was doing in transforming Blantyre City.

“Truth should be told, BCC is doing a remarkable job in taking care of the Blantyre City and supporting this work is the only way of appreciating the job well done,” said Sunka.

The Council understands and appreciates the legal instruments that protect monumental structures such as the Independence Arch and its responsibility in the preservation of Malawi’s heritage and in particular those found in Blantyre City.

This is why the agreement with Rab Processors Limited has a clause that stipulates what the company is expected to do on the site and it reads:

“With guidance from the Department of Antiquities and in consultation with the Council’s Director of Engineering Services, rehabilitating the Independence Arch. This will be limited to acid washing of the Arch, painting the underside, replacing the flagpoles and the Spears. The emblem will be provided by the Department of Antiquities.”

Remember to always Keep Blantyre Clean and Green.

Council attends Habitat III meeting in Barcelona

Director of Town Planning and Estates Services Costly Chanza is in Barcelona, Spain attending the Habitat III Thematic Meeting on Public Spaces.

Chanza poses with UN Habitat Secretary General Dr Clos

Chanza is one of the key speakers and also presenting a paper on urban management of open spaces ‘A New Urban Agenda for Combating Inequalities: Claiming for Public Spaces and a City for All.’

Dr. Joan Clos, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, says the meeting aims at encouraging the exchange of views and experiences in Sustainable Urban Development acknowledging the common challenges and the need to agree on an approach that will propel the topic of public spaces to set the New Urban Agenda at the Habitat III Conference.

“The aim of this meeting is to focus discussion on policies and strategies to make cities and territories more equitable, inclusive and sustainable places,” says Clos.

“The Habitat III Thematic Meeting presents an opportunity to gather different participants to identify inputs in the topic of public space that will result in the format of a final declaration considered official contributions to the Habitat III process,” he adds.

The meeting, focusing its discussion on policies and strategies to make cities and territories more equitable, inclusive and sustainable places, is taking place on 4th and 5th April 2016

Residents participate in Council budget formulation

Deputy Mayor Councillor Wild Ndipo on Wednesday (March 30, 2016) advised the City residents to continue supporting the Council’s development plans.

A resident making his contribution to the budget

Ndipo, speaking when he presided over the Development Budget Participatory Conference for 2016-17 financial year, stressed the need for the public participation in the planning and execution of developments in the City.

“I appeal for your support in all the developmental projects and campaigns that the Council is undertaking,” said Ndipo. “I urge you to ensure that all public facilities are protected and well taken care of.”

The Deputy Mayor also commended the corporate world for the support they are rendering to the Council in its greening and cleaning campaigns.

Finance Committee chairman Councillor George Chipwete said the Council has planned a number of projects in the 2016-17 budget that will help in transforming the City.

He said most projects in the coming year will focus on new areas that will uplift Blantyre to reach the standards of a modern city.

“We must avoid vandalism to ensure that future projects should focus on new areas not renovating the same roads and schools each and every year,” said Chipwete.

The 2016-17 budget focuses on renovating and planting new street lights as well as maintaining schools, roads and bridges among other projects.

Council receives waste bins from Toyota Malawi

Mayor Noel Chalamanda on Wednesday (March23, 2016) received 10 waste bins from Toyota Malawi as the company’s contributions towards the Clean Blantyre initiative.

Thankful handshake: Reel presenting one of the bins to Mayor Chalamanda

Chalamanda, in a company of his deputy Wild Ndipo and health and social Services committee chairperson Councillor Evance Taulo, thanked Toyota Malawi for the good gesture demonstrated towards the City residents.

“This is an assurance that Toyota Malawi does not only care for those who buy cars but also cares for Blantyre City residents. Blantyre City Council will walk with Toyota Malawi in ensuring that Blantyre City residents live in a clean and green environment,” said Chalamanda.

Toyota Malawi Managing Director Arvinder Reel said his company is part of the community with a role in caring for the environment.

“Toyota Malawi has at heart about the well-being of Blantyre City residents as such promoting the Green and Clean campaign is the only way to show our responsibility in taking care of the residents,” said Reel.

Toyota Malawi purchased 20 bins at a cost of K2.5 million. The other 10 have been donated to Lilongwe City.

Council welcomes the appointment of Dr Chanza as CEO

Government has appointed Dr Alfred Chanza as the Chief Executive Officer for Blantyre City Council with immediate effect.

The new bloom: Dr Chanza

Chanza replaces Ted Nandolo, whose suspension was lifted and has been redeployed to the Malawi Gaming Board as one of the directors.

“The onus is now on me to show what I am capable of doing for the city as well as the government. But above all, I thank God for this. Surely, the appointment did not just come,” said Chanza, former PS II at the Labour Ministry.

Chanza holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Commerce (industrial psychology) and a Master of Arts degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources, among other academic qualifications.

Before his appointment, he has been acting CEO for close to one year and he also served as Director of Administrative Services between 2006 and 2014.

Meanwhile, the Mayor Councillor Noel Chalamanda and all councilors, management and staff of the Council has welcomed and congratulated him on this appointment.

Disaster victims shot in the arm

Mayor Chalamanda, his deputy Ndipo and Cllr Mzimu help one of the beneficiaries to carry her bag of maize while other officials look on: Photo by Anthony Kasunda

Namiyango disaster victims were on Tuesday all smiles following a donation of relief items from the department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA).


Deputy Mayor Wild Ndipo presented the items which included maize, beans, sugar, salt and plastic paper to at least 78 families affected by the storm that hit the City a month ago.

“As the City fathers, it is our responsible to make sure that our residents are safe and we make sure that whenever there is a problem, we find a way to solve the problem,’ said Ndipo in the company of the Mayor Councillr Noel Chalamanda.

Ndipo gave credit to government for quickly responding to the request from the Council after the disaster had affected the families in Namiyango Ward.

Zione Chibwana, one of the beneficiaries expressed her gratitude over the donation.

“The donation has been made at the right time since we were finding it hard as our houses and crops were destroyed,” said Zione.

At least 75 bags of Maize, eight bags of beans, eight bales of plastic papers, 75 packets of sugar and two bails of salt were donated.

Ward Councillor, Raphael Mzimu, appealed for more assistance from well wishers saying the families lost property as well as crops in their gardes.




Needy pupils get shoes

Deputy Mayor Wild Ndipo on Tuesday (March 15, 2016) launched the distribution of shoes to needy pupils which were donated by pupils from the privileged private schools under the Mayor’s Festive Shoesday Tuesday Initiative.

The Deputy Mayor Cllr Wild Ndipo presents a pair of shoes to one of the needy pupils while Cllrs Mngelezi Chinthuli and Evance Taulo look on

The Council implemented the initiative in partnership with eventsPlus Limited, a privately owned company that offered free services as a social corporate responsibility.

Speaking at Mbayani Primary School, Ndipo commended the generosity the students from the privileged schools and Bata Shoe Company demonstrated in donating thousands of pairs of shoes to the less privileged.

“The donations will go a long way in alleviating the suffering of the less privileged children who endure bad weather walking to school barefoot,” said Ndipo.

The deputy mayor added that it is good to teach children the habit of sharing because they will grow up good citizens who will help others in time of need.

Head Teacher for Mbayani Primary School, Beyadi Sailesi, thanked the Mayor for the initiative on behalf of all recipients, saying the shoes will motivate pupils to work hard in class.

Cathie Mukadiwa Matura of eventsPlus Limited said the idea to come up with the initiative was hatched after recognizing the challenges less privileged students face.

The distributed items, which included pairs of shoes, clothes, exercise books and soap (bathing and washing) were collected last year from Nyasa Junior Academy, SouthEnd Primary School, SouthEnd Secondary School, Hillview School, St Andrews International Primary school and St Andrews International High School, Phoenix School, Central High School, Blantyre Baptist Academy, Kalibu Academy, Bata Shoe Company and Candlex Limited

The items have been distributed to all the 23 wards in the City.

Mayor urges residents to plant trees

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda on Friday, March 4, 2016 led the Nedbank, Old Mutual and Council partnership in a tree planting exercise at Nyambadwe hill.

Mr William Chimzinga, Assistant Director, Dept of Parks, helps Miss Blantyre plant a tree

Chalamanda, who was accompanied by Nyambadwe Ward Councillor Leonard Chibade, commended Nedbank and Old Mutual for taking part in the tree planting exercise which is in line with the “Keep Blantyre Clean and Green campaign.”

The Mayor urged residents of Nyambadwe ward to conserve and protect the trees to ensure a high survival rate.

“It will be pointless planting these trees to hear that they are not being taken care of a year later,” said Chalamanda. “I would like to encourage us to protect these trees.”

Chalamanda added that by planting trees the community is investing in the future and also warned those farming on the hill to stop because it is against the city’s by-laws.

He said: “Our children will be proud of us 20 years from now because of the trees we are planting today. By planting trees we are investing for them to enjoy a green Blantyre.”

Nyambadwe Ward Councillor Leonard Chibade said the community would establish a taskforce to protect the trees in the area and also to stop farming on the hill.

He also thanked Nedbank and Old Mutual for considering Nyambadwe hill for the tree planting exercise.

Old Mutual Chief Executive Officer Edith Jiya and Nedbank Managing Director Paul Guta committed their companies’ continuous support towards the Council’s greening initiative.

The tree planting exercise was also graced by Miss Blantyre Chisomo Machelo, who is the Keep Blantyre City Clean and Green initiative Ambassador.