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Nankhumwa launches City Roads Upgrading Project

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nakhumwa on Tuesday launched the K1.8 billion City Roads Upgrading Project in Blantyre City.

Nankhumwa flanked by PS Stuart Ligomeka (left) and Mayor Chalamanda (right)

Nankhumwa said when people talk about development in cities, one of the things that count most is the road network.
“Roads in our Cities and Districts across the country are very vital because we cannot talk about development in our country in the absence of good roads,” said Nankhumwa.
“So we are glad that some of the roads in Blantyre are being upgraded,” he said.
The Minister warned people against vandalising public facilities saying the long arm of the law would catch up with those involved in the criminal act.
“Let me send a very strong warning to people who vandalise public facilities. This is one of the major challenges facing our Cities. I wish to appeal to all to restrain from putting all these resources that have contributed significantly to the transformation of Blantyre City to waste.
“The long arm of the law will catch up with you and I pray that our courts mete stiff penalties on vandals to deter others from indulging in the same criminal acts,” he warned.
Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda said the Council selected to upgrade roads that would have positive impact in the City and not only a particular area.
“We did all this with guidance from the secretariat. The idea was that we should for a minute forget the demarcations that divide the City in Wards o Constituencies and think about all residents as beneficiaries of these funds,” said Chalamanda.
“Honourable Minister, may you convey our appreciation to His Excellency the State President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for this support. We are grateful to his government and our pledge is to use the funds prudently and for the benefit of the people of Blantyre City,” he said.
The roads that would be upgraded under the project are Off Mugabe Highway to Mpingwe (2.08 km), Angelogoveya to Manje (4.160 km), Living Waters to Zion (2.045 km), Chilomoni Ring Road (3.570 km) and Chimseu to Magalasi (0.936 km), Landrover Chilimba to Level crossing in Magalasi (1.247 km) roads.
Part of the K1.8 billion has gone into rehabilitation of street lights on Kandodo Cornershop to Kameza via Mbayani, Chirimba road, CI to Green Corner road, Kwacha roundabout via MBC TV to Kudya area and Sunnyside to Manyowe road.

Council signs roads upgrading contracts

Blantyre City Council has signed contracts with three contractors to upgrade Angelogoveya to Manje road, Living Waters to Zion road and Chilomoni Ring Road to asphalt surfacing using K1.8 billion from government.


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa is expected to officially launch the project on Tuesday at Angelo Goveya.

HEMA Construction has been awarded Angelo Goveya to Manje road (4.160 km), Eistern Construction will be upgrading the Living Waters to Zion (2.045 km) while Fargo Civil Engineering have Chilomoni Ring Road (3.570 km).

Apart from the three roads, the Council has already identified contractors to upgrade Off Mugabe Highway to Mpingwe, Chimseu to Magalasi and Landrover Chilimba to Level crossing in Magalasi. A total of at least 1..05 Kms of the City road network will be upgraded.

Using the same funds, the Council is also rehabilitating street lights along Kandodo Cornershop to Kameza via Mbayani, Kwacha roundabout to Kudya, CI to Greencorner and Sunnyside to Manyowe Township.

Council to vacate Red Star Campaign injunction

The Red Star Campaign committee chaired by the Deputy Mayor Wild Ndipo on Tuesday resolved to vacate the court order which 54 developers obtained restraining the Council from demolishing their structures.

The Deputy Mayor Wild Ndipo giving interviews to reporters on the progress of Red Star Campaign

During an emergency meeting, the committee was informed that the lawyer representing the 54 had written the Council asking for extension of the notice period for the developers to start acting on the demolition recommendation.

However, the committee observed that as much as there was no problem in granting the developers audience to discuss the request, it was important for the Council’s legal team to act on the court order first.

It was also resolved that the arrangement to grant audience to developers should be extended to all over 160 building owners whose structures were recommended for action.

Apart from demolition, other buildings are expected to be maintained while others only need to be painted.

The deadline for building owners to voluntarily demolish their structures is February 29, 2016 and the committee resolved to reconvene immediately the court rules on its application to vacate the injunction.

Council, Sunbird in joint afforestation of Mudi river

Blantyre City, Deputy Mayor Wild Ndipo on Friday joined Sunbird Tourism Limited (STL) in tree planting along the Mudi River.

The Deputy Mayor Cllr Ndipo plants a tree assisted by Director of Parks Sylvester Mitini-Nkhoma

At least 6 000 indigenous trees which the company has bought are expected to be planted along the river.

STL chief executive officer Roger Gardner expressed hope that the trees will be of impact to in terms of beauty and prevention of soil erosion.

Said Gardner; “I want the people who are surrounding this river to take care of the trees and that they will be of great use in the near future.”

On his part, the deputy Mayor said the coming together of Sunbird and the Council with a beautiful conspiracy to reclaim Mudi river by planting indigenous trees was a remarkable achievement.

This is not the first time Sunbird has partnered with the Council in tree planting as last year, 6 000 trees were also planted at Nyambadwe hill.

The company is also participating in Blantyre City beautification exercise through the adoption of Chichiri and Kameza roundabouts.

Council winds up Shoesday initiative

Mayor Noel Chalamanda on Friday morning received a donation of pairs of shoes from St Andrews International Primary School pupils marking the end of the Mayor’s Festive Shoesday Tuesday Initiative.

Mayor poses with Head teacher, Cllr Mambo, pupils and other officials

The initiative launched in November last year aimed at motivating privileged pupils from urban schools to share at least a pair of shoes with less privileged pupils within the City.

The Mayor was also invited to Blantyre Baptist Academy, Phoenix Private Schools and St Andrews High School where hundreds of shoes were also donated.

Under the initiative, the Council, working in partnership with eventsPlus Limited, was appealing to privileged school pupils to share at least a pair of shoes with their fellow less privileged pupils in the City.

“The main item focused on was shoes after realizing that many pupils within the City of Blantyre go to school barefooted,” said the Mayor who was accompanied by Councillor for Blantyre South Ward Mike Mambo.

“I believe that a second hand pair that some children last wore six months ago or no longer fit them, can boost a needy child’s confidence and positively impact on class performance,” he added.

The initiative aimed at cultivating a spirit of sharing with the less privileged in children at an early age, establishing local charity solutions within communities instead of solely relying on outsiders, cheering up less fortunate residents of Blantyre City during the festive season and availing the Mayor and Councillor for the area where the School is, an opportunity to interact with junior residents of the City.

Meanwhile, Health and Environmental Committee of the Council has adopted the initiative’s report which details how the shoes would be distributed to beneficiaries.

Mainly, the donation will target those pupils that have never worn a shoe in their lives and Councillors in liaison with schools management would be identifying the needy children.

Thousands of pairs of shoes and other materials have been donated by the following schools: Hillview, Kalibu Academy, Central High, SouthEnd, Nyasa Junior Academy. Bata Shoe Company also donated school shoes.

Vote Mwawi, Mayor urges residents

Vote Mwawi, Mayor urges residents

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda is appealing to Blantyre City residents and all Malawians in general to continue voting for netball icon Mwawi Kumwenda to win the International World Games Association Athlete/Team of the Year award.

The Mayor and Kachaje pose with the Ambassador
Mwawi (middle) poses with the Mayor (left) and Henry Kachaje

Chalamanda says Mwawi is a pride for Malawi and encouraged people to mobilise families, friends and colleagues to cast their votes.

“Her winning will put Malawi on the world map of sports. It will not only be an achievement for her individually, but a country as a whole. I appeal to fellow residents and indeed Malawians to increase her chances of winning by casting as many votes as possible,” he said.

Council hosts Hannover City interns

Blantyre City Council was privileged to host two students on internship from its twin City, Hannover City, of Germany from September to December.

Wiebke Witthuhn

As part of Sister City relationship, Blantyre and Hannover have been exchanging ideas through placement of staff on internship and exchange visits.

The two who completed their tour of Blantyre City in December were Wiebke Witthuhn and Lea Becker, students from Leibniz University and Tu Berlin Technical University respectively in Hannover City.

Witthuhn and Becker were doing their internship in the Council’s department of Culture, Leisure and Environment

“It was very welcoming and we met a lot of people and made a lot of friends in a very short period of time. The people took time for us and they were open to our concerns or questions,” said Witthuhn.

She said she was leaving a happy person because of the reception she enjoyed from the warm hearted and friendly people of Blantyre and the smiling workmates at the Council.

Blantyre City Council wishes the two students all the best in their studies.

Airtel unveils netball star Mwawi as “it’s now” campaign ambassador

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda on Wednesday attended the unveiling of netball star Mwawi Kumwenda to be the new airtel “it’s now” campaign brand ambassador with the purpose of inspiring Malawians through her success stories.

The Mayor (left) and Kachaje pose with Mwawi

The ceremony, which was also graced by Business Consult Managing Director Henry Kachanje among other dignitaries, took place in Blantre City at Protea Ryalls Hotel.

Over 3.5 million Airtel costumers voted the celebrated netballer to be the campaign brand ambassador.

Airtel Acting Marketing Director, Charles Kamoto, said Mwawi is someone who has used her potential to reach greater heights by leading the Malawians Queens to several victories.

After being unveiled, Mwawi said she was excited to receive her role at airtel and she hopes that her success stories will bring a positive impact to Malawians.

“I always train and work hard to improve and perfect my game so that I remain on top of my game and above competition and am willing to share this ideology with my new Airtel family,” said Mwawi.

Last year, Airtel unveiled Manchester City and Ivorian national soccer team star Yaya Toure as the campaign’s ambassador.

Council embarks on K150m street lighting project

Blantyre City Council has engaged the services of electrical contractors to rehabilitate street lights on a number of sites to enhance security in the City.


The project costing the Council approximately K150 million, targets Kandodo corner shop roundabout through Mbayani to Kameza roundabout, Kwacha roundabout to Kudya, CI to Manyowe and CI to Green Corner.

“Since the other contractors have not started work, we may not disclose their names. But at an appropriate time, you will be advised,” said Director of Engineering Services Grant Sichali.

Sichali said work has already started on Kandodo Cornershop to Kameza via Mbayani and Chirimba road and that the contractors on the other sites would commence rehabilitation works soon.

He said: “The project execution duration is three months so we expect by end March to complete all the earmarked sites. The project is funded by government through the Roads Authority. This is part of the developmental funds which we received from government.”

“The significance of this project cannot overemphasised. Street lights enhance security apart from adding beauty,” he said.

Under the developmental funds, the Council will also upgrade a number of roads in the City.

“The Council is appealing to residents and members of the public to guard these facilities jealously. The City has lost substantial money through vandalism of facilities such as street lights and it is our appeal that the beautiful lights we are fixing will be protected,” said Sichali.


Deputy Mayor switches on Christmas lights

Blantyre City Deputy Mayor Wild Ndipo on Wednesday evening switched on Christmas lights to mark the beginning of celebrations in the City.


In his address, the Deputy Mayor preached love for less privileged and also appealed for peace during the festive season.

Said Ndipo: “Christmas is a time for reaching out the hand of friendship and reconciliation and to making sure all members of our community are included. It is time for giving and receiving, a time for sharing and for caring for each other.”

He added: “Christmas is a very special time. It’s a time for family and friends to get together and reflect on the year gone by and celebrate the New Year. That celebration should extend to the good fortune and blessings that we share and appreciate.”


He encouraged residents to reach out to the less privileged with whatever they could afford.

“A special attention should be given to those that are in hospitals and those that are sick at home. Our very best wishes go to them and prayers for quick recovery,” he said.

“Allow me to appeal for peace and order during this festive period. I would like to urge all residents to strive for a crime free festive season. I am happy that our partners, Malawi Police Service, have already started giving the public tips on how we can protect and safeguard ourselves and our property during this period,” said Ndipo.

Ndipo also said people of Blantyre City and those visiting should continue observing a DO NOT LITTER policy.