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Press release: Illegal fixing of posters

The Blantyre City Council has observed that some residents of Blantyre City are fixing posters to walls, trees, streetlight poles, barricades and other structures using glue and other strong adhesives without first seeking permission from the Council as it is required under Section 44 of the Town and Country Planning Act.

Most of the posters and other types of unpermitted advertisements are cluttered and when removed, they leave hardened adhesives that are difficult to remove. The clutter caused by these unpermitted advertisements detracts from the built environment and the beauty of the City.

The Council would like to advise all residents of the City to first seek from the Council permission and guidance on how to display advertisements before putting up any advertisement.

The Council, in line with Section 45 of the Town and Country Planning Act, hereby gives a 30 day notice to all residents of the City to remove all unpermitted advertisements from walls, trees, streetlight poles and any other structure.

Furthermore, notice is hereby given that any new advertisement displayed in contravention of Section 44 of the Town and Country Act after issuance of this Notice, shall be immediately removed without further notice with costs.






Press release on illegal fixing of posters